17 December 2012

Lutong Bahay at its Best

A quiet, comfortable eating place with a homey atmosphere can be found in DBP village.  It's Ellen's Tuna Queen.  Ate Ellen has been known for the pritong paksiw na buntot ng tuna and many write-ups have been made about it.  But the restaurant is not limited with the buntot ng tuna, they also serve steaks and a wide array of other dishes, some of which are mentioned below:

The lechon kawali(deep fried pork belly) is presented on the counter wrapped in a banana leaf, then it is deep fried just before it is served.  Sinful delight!

The laing is a balanced blend of spices, gata(coconut milk) and taro leaves.  Good combination with the lechon kawali.

What is dining in Ellen's without a tuna dish?The tuna sisig is worth trying.  Minced crispy tuna with salted eggs and onions on a sizzling plate.

Dining in Ate Ellen's will make you truly experience lutong bahay at its best!

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